Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

The Boss

The Concept

Start with an idea to engage with a full spectrum of contemporary performing and visual arts, creativity, and the human experience. Take a decommissioned factory and create a destination to which people flock and where amazing things happen. Demonstrate how contemporary American art and artists intersect with daily life to inspire positive change. Finish with an international destination based in social interaction, intellectual energy, and artistic vivacity. You are here, living in the moment.

Extending the dynamic nature of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (Crystal Bridges), a new destination is being designed and developed in Northwest Arkansas. With a goal of demonstrating how performing and visual art can influence the future, it will become a new nexus of culture and life by illuminating history, revealing opportunities, and advancing art. The soaring, 63,000-square-foot six-story tower will provide a unique place for artists to intimately engage with audiences. Big ideas in big spaces will be balanced by smaller spaces for experimental programs that will help brand Northwest Arkansas as a non-traditional destination for spectacular experiences. The breathtaking exterior will offer a large outdoor music venue and festival space. The physical design of the facility will capitalize on its industrial aesthetic, encouraging visitors to push their personal and artistic boundaries.

Innovative and unexpected programming based in creative experiences will be commissioned and produced in this space by both new and established artists who are sensitive to the diversity and inclusiveness of all demographics and social strata. Hosting a broad spectrum of actively engaged and experimental performing, visual, and culinary arts, this destination will become an international leader, focused on a millennial and young generation x (ages 18 to 44) audience that expects to be actively engaged in life. Visitors will interact directly with artists, witnessing the creative process, converging at a unique venue, and embracing emotional responses with raw candor. Artistic risks and memorable experiences will be the standard.

Makers and thinkers from multiple artistic disciplines will connect, experiment, and innovate together through exciting and unexpected programming with edgy synchronicity. By integrating contemporary art with everyday life experiences, the artistic adventure will resonate, this destination will serve as a place where professional, social, and cultural lives can converge simultaneously. Offering multiple activities that overlap in time and space, this will be a dynamic place for audiences to visit at length. Visual, culinary, and performing art will suffuse the space, highlighting topics that resonate with diverse and socially-conscious people. Frequently changing exhibitions and performances will consistently invigorate discussions and offer new perspectives of life in the 21st century.

The Destination

With slightly more than half a million residents and 40 people moving there per day, Northwest Arkansas is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic regions in the United States. The region’s median age is 33.5 years, making it an ideal home for professionals and young families. Its historic downtowns and vibrant entertainment districts are recognized as top destinations for shopping, dining, and the arts. Outdoor amenities abound with multiple state parks, 486 miles of Beaver Lake shoreline, an impressive regional trails system, a botanical garden, and endless hiking, biking, and boating opportunities.

The Visionary

The Boss will be bold as a dynamic member of the Crystal Bridges leadership team to expand cultural impact in the region by integrating contemporary art, music, and performance into the community. The Boss will help design and develop the new facility and will later create and execute strategic plans. Programming activities developed by The Boss should directly impact the quality of life in Northwest Arkansas while also garnering national and international attention. From initial concept to grand opening, The Boss will be responsible for creating a highly interactive and social atmosphere with a relaxed, welcoming, and accessible vibe. After the grand opening, The Boss will be responsible for the day-to-day oversight and operations of the newest arts hub in the region. Artistic responsibilities will be balanced with fiscal accountability. In order to maximize the economies of scale and impact of the two locations, The Boss will interface with the varying resources currently housed at Crystal Bridges’ main campus. It is critical that the locations stay administratively connected and artistically collaborative, yet differentiated through a wide range of art, artists, and experiences.

The Big Gig

The Boss will be innovative in developing the concept from design through construction and adventurous in programming. The Boss will lead all activities related to the creative and operational aspects of the new destination.

Facility Planning and Concept Development

  • Determine how existing indoor and outdoor spaces can be transformed into an unconventional and imaginative destination.
  • Lead a team to create a regionally significant and nationally scaled music program complemented by contemporary art exhibitions and installations.


Contemporary Programming and Artists

  • Create innovative, cross-disciplinary, and relevant programs.
  • Cultivate and create great relations with top performing and visual artists to produce memorable experiences.


Leadership and Accountability

  • Build an organizational structure to support the concept and programs.
  • Balance creative vision with financial responsibility.

The Character

The ideal Boss will be strategic, flexible, communicative, and open to new ideas. A highly creative innovator of multifaceted programs, the right candidate will enjoy artistic experimentation and futuristic thinking. Excellent at collecting and distilling disparate concepts, The Boss will develop a strong path forward, with a sense of urgency and a competitive nature to achieve major international aspirations. The Boss will be motivated by a self-directed environment and will revel in frequent interaction with others in a respectful, collegial, and professional environment. The Boss will be excited by the concept of a new facility, energized by creative programming, and inspired to develop audiences in Northwest Arkansas.

The Qualifications

At least five years of leadership experience or demonstrated results in creating an artistic and social destination is necessary. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience with major creative endeavors is required. Candidates must possess expertise in presenting or producing music, contemporary art, or other similar events. Demonstrable experience leading and mentoring teams and managing substantial capital, operating, and program budgets is critical. Exemplary verbal and written communication skills with multiple language abilities is appreciated.

The Rewards

Excellent compensation and benefits include living in a fast growing community and great quality of life.

The Process

Please submit letter, resume, and curriculum vitae of contemporary presentations and productions (electronic submissions preferred) to:

Mr. Bruce D. Thibodeau
292 Newbury Street, Suite 315
Boston, MA 02115-2801
Tel        (888) 234.4236 Ext. 201
Fax       (888) 284.6651

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is an equal opportunity employer
and celebrates diversity of all kinds.

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