Handel + Haydn Society Names Sally Bradford as Vice President of Marketing and Communications

19:43 23 May in Executive Placements

Handel + Haydn Society Sally Bradford Vice President of Marketing and Communications Executive Search Arts Consulting Group

The Handel + Haydn Society has selected Sally Bradford as Vice President of Marketing and Communications, following an executive search process led by Arts Consulting Group (ACG). She will begin her tenure on June 5, 2017.

Ms. Bradford joins the Handel + Haydn Society after spending the past five years as Marketing Communications Manager at Hemenway & Barnes in Boston. During her tenure, she oversaw all marketing efforts, including annual planning, budgeting, messaging, and project management. She also worked with management committee and practice group chairs to outline strategic marketing priorities and organized special events, ranging from a gala for hundreds to luncheon seminars with marquee speakers. While at Hemenway & Barnes, Ms. Bradford also helped institute and manage a thought leadership public relations campaign, which received coverage in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Forbes.

Prior to joining Hemenway & Barnes, Ms. Bradford served as Principal at Bradford Communications. Working with numerous arts and nonprofit organizations, she conducted freelance editing and project management, providing strategic focus and messaging through tactical completion of projects. Additionally, Ms. Bradford spent 11 years at BankBoston working as Senior Manager, Marketing Services. Since 2010 she has served as a Corporator at Emerson Hospital and is currently a member of the Legal Marketing Association as well as the Ad Club of Boston. Ms. Bradford holds a bachelor of arts from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

In making the announcement, H+H President & CEO David Snead said, “This was a very challenging search, one I am sure would not have been completed so successfully without ACG’s help. Thank you, ACG, for going the extra mile to help us find Sally!”

“Bostonians know of Handel + Haydn’s rich legacy, since 1815, of being the oldest continuously performing arts organization in the country,” said Ms. Bradford. “But there are three other defining characteristics that I look forward to sharing with new visitors. First is the powerful emotional connection that today’s audiences feel with the musicians – the experience of a live concert is immersing. Second, Handel + Haydn performs in an ‘historically informed’ way that presents the music in the manner it was first written; that means the orchestra is smaller and the instruments are from the period, made of different materials, created in different shapes – you’ll be as close to the original music as possible. And third, the orchestra is surprisingly young, engaged and dynamic – the musical excellence of a concert is unsurpassed. I hope to welcome everyone to become part of the Handel + Haydn family.”

“Congratulations to Sally Bradford on her appointment as Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the Handel + Haydn Society,” said ACG Vice President Ronda Helton. “It was a pleasure to work with the search committee, board, and staff throughout the executive search process. ACG is confident that Ms. Bradford’s extensive background in marketing and communications will help advance the organization and increase earned revenue goals for years to come.”

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