Interim Management

Perhaps you have been hit with an unexpected leadership change. Maybe you are facing a planned senior management transition. Either way, the show must go on! That is where we come in. ACG is the only professional interim management firm focusing exclusively on the arts and culture industry.

We offer more than simply someone to bridge the leadership gap. ACG will help your organization remain strong in the eyes of your community and donors and will breathe new life into your institution, ensuring that your mission is not compromised. Our team consists of experienced, passionate, and committed professionals who have held a wide range of senior management roles in the arts and culture sector. Each has a unique set of skills in executive management, marketing, finance, and fundraising, guaranteed to provide your company with effective leadership during any management transition.

Whether you are a board chair or a CEO, we will work to ensure you have the time you need to make the right choice in evaluating and selecting your new leader.

Bridge the gap during your leadership transition. Employ the only professional interim management firm focusing exclusively on the arts and culture industry. Contact Us

Interim Management Experts

What to expect from ACG

  • Credibility. Our international visibility and track record of success will help instill confidence in your organization’s funders, board, staff, and community.
  • Objectivity. We provide an impartial, open-minded voice to help your organization find the perfect candidate.
  • Expertise. We have been there, we get it. Our team will help your organization navigate the dynamics of transition within the unique nature of the creative industries.

  • Professionalism. Our consultants work directly with boards, staff, volunteers, and community stakeholders during these challenging times.
  • Results. Goals and deliverables will be defined within a specific, finite time frame with transparency and honesty.
  • Velocity. We will help your organization build momentum, address fundamental issues, and face new challenges during this time of transition.

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