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Building community support and a cultural legacy requires careful planning and preparation. Simply having an architect and a piece of property are not enough to guarantee a strong outcome for a museum, performing arts center, or cultural facility. From concept to grand opening, ACG will make sure that your new construction, historic restoration, or renovation project is a success.

For ACG, it is not just about a building but about the artists, programs, educational activities, and audiences that will experience the revitalized cultural destination. Our highly qualified team has a depth of expertise in many facets of museum, performing arts center, and cultural facility planning, allowing the unique opportunity to take advantage of great minds in North America’s leading arts and culture consulting firm.

Collaborating with architects and museum exhibition designers, ACG’s museum planning team helps organizations plan and develop complex, engaging exhibitions and new museum facilities by providing creative, technical, operational, and three-dimensional communication expertise to visitor experiences in all stages of development. Clients receive an integrated approach and relief from the stress of predicting the many needs of new projects. ACG works with emerging and established museums on new construction projects and gallery renovations finding unique ways to educate audiences using inspired approaches, streamlined processes, and complex collaborations that result in programmatic and financial success.

To assist performing arts centers and other cultural facilities, ACG partners with qualified architects, theater planners, acousticians, market demographers, fundraising professionals, capital and operating project cost consultants, real estate owners and developers, and economic analysis teams to plan and develop complex and engaging facilities and performance spaces.

Prior to embarking on any museum, performing arts center, or other cultural facility, ACG takes great care to understand the parent organization that will oversee the project with a thorough community and program needs assessment. This includes demographic analysis, market studies, capital & operating cost estimates, and many other aspects of community engagement prior to the start of construction.

We take a personalized approach to every aspect of your project from concept to grand opening with the best planning, feasibility analysis, and capital campaign activities to ensure success. We care about you and the community served by your facilities and programs. Your organization could be next!

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Museum Planning Services

Comparative Benchmarking Studies
Exhibition Development/Project Management
Facility Concept Development
Facility Needs Assessments
Facility Site Selection
Fundraising and Capital Campaign Planning
Museum Feasibility Studies
Museum Planning
Operational and Institutional Planning
Program Assessment and Development
Visitor Demographic Analysis

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Performing Arts &
Cultural Facility Planning Services

Audience Demographic Analysis
Comparative Benchmarking Studies
Facility Concept Development
Facility Needs Assessments
Facility Site Selection
Feasibility Studies
Operational and Institutional Planning
Program Assessment and Development
Project Management
Volunteer Leadership Counsel

ACG will guide your organization through:

  • Facility, Program, and Community Needs Assessment: We analyze and test the needs for proposed, new, renovated, or adaptive-reuse facilities and the program initiatives to meet those needs in and for the future of your specific market.
  • Community Engagement Process: We survey key stakeholders in your market to engage a broad group of cultural destination attendees, educators, and potential audiences for the facility. Public dialogue about your existing and intended programs will bring your project and its funding options to life.

  • Capital and Operating Cost Estimates: We will prepare estimates of new program costs, incremental operating expenses for new facilities, earned and contributed revenues, and endowment.
  • Funding and Fundraising Feasibility Plan: We will evaluate your organization’s capacity for financing your project and the philanthropic fundraising to achieve its goals.
  • Capital Campaign Management: We take a hands-on approach to fundraising and offer a wide range of services to bring your project to life. Click here to learn more.

What to expect from ACG

  • Experience. As North America’s largest arts and culture consulting firm, our depth of knowledge in feasibility studies of arts, cultural, and educational facilities is unparalleled.
  • The Arts and Culture DNA. We are sensitive to the needs of your organization, the communities and audience you serve, and the economic realities you face.
  • Due Diligence. Our team is skilled in developing financial operating estimates and recommending ownership, governance, management, and staffing models for arts and cultural facilities and organizations.

  • A unified approach. We will keep the financial aspects — capital and operating cost estimates — of your project at the forefront of our thinking and yours.
  • Thoughtfulness. We will take the helm as we guide you through the programming, planning, design, and completion of your project.
  • Community Engagement. We keep the lines of communication open between team members, client organizations, and stakeholders.
  • Results. Our broad range of experience in developing funding and fundraising solutions will help boost your contributions.

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