Not just good advice. Hands-on arts and culture consulting services, from pivotal moment to powerful legacy.

ACG is the leading provider of interim management, executive search, revenue enhancement, strategic planning & community engagement, facilities & program planning, and donor research & planning services for the arts and culture industry. Services include annual fundraising, donor prospect research, institutional branding, campaign planning, board summits, marketing assessments and strategic recommendations, succession planning, and executive coaching, among many others.

ACG consultants are located in communities throughout North America to best serve the needs of our clients. The ACG team has decades of combined senior leadership experience in every artistic and cultural discipline and area of functional management expertise. As specialists in the management of arts and cultural institutions, ACG quickly helps your organization achieve results and impact.

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  • Executive Search

    The quest to find the perfect person to fit your organization can be a daunting task. Together, let's transform it into an exciting opportunity.

  • Facilities & Program Planning

    Community support and a cultural legacy takes careful planning, from initial project concept to grand opening, and deep expertise you are unlikely to find at any one firm except ACG.

  • Interim Management

    The show must go on despite leadership changes. A smooth transition with ACG can lead to even greater credibility and financial support.

  • I.D.E.A.S.

    Empower your organization with the tools and expertise needed to build an actively equitable and inclusive culture and driving lasting community transformation.

  • Revenue Enhancement

    Most arts and culture organizations are skilled at stretching dollars. ACG is skilled at maximizing resources with powerful methods for fundraising and marketing.

  • Strategic Planning & Community Engagement

    The strongest arts and culture organizations have something others do not: A unified board of community ambassadors, a vision that resonates with stakeholders, and a resilient management team. Let ACG guide you there.

  • Donor Research & Planning

    Are you leaving money on the table? Not if you are with ACG. Our in-depth tools can uncover a wealth of individual and institutional funding opportunities.

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