Kalamazoo Symphony Completes Strategic Plan

ACG congratulates Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra (KSO) on the completion of a new strategic plan. Under the direction of president and chief executive officer, Peter H. Gistelinck, and led by Arts Consulting Group, KSO engaged in a year-long strategic planning process to lead the organization into the next century. The process included an extensive series of interviews with key stakeholders, an in-depth community survey, and individual and small group meetings with donors, subscribers, musicians, and volunteers. The board of directors will create a new strategic planning committee in order to implement, evaluate, and amend the plan as it proceeds. Additionally, KSO reviewed and revised its vision, mission, and values statements.

Through this process, KSO has identified four key findings which led to the creation of five strategic initiatives which were approved by the board of directors in September 2015. During the next three to five years, KSO will optimize the concert experience for audiences and artists; enhance educational programming and community partnerships; strengthen and sustain the organization by growing the audience, increasing financial support, building awareness, and developing an engaged board and volunteer base; create a more resilient organization by strengthening the workforce and improving stakeholder reporting and communication; and celebrate its 100th anniversary season with an array of events and initiatives that deepen the community’s connection with the orchestra.

“The ACG team extends its congratulations to the board, staff, musicians, and many stakeholders of the KSO for this forward-looking, thoughtful, and comprehensive plan,” said ACG Vice President Rebekah Lambert. “So many community members provided valuable input – and demonstrated their commitment to and passion for their orchestra and their city. We wish KSO well as it looks towards its 100th year!”


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