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Worcester Center for Performing Arts (Hanover Theatre & Conservatory) is comprised of four key components — the Main Stage, the Conservatory, The Hanover Theatre Repertory, and the Francis R. Carroll Plaza. Since the renovation and restoration in 2008, the Hanover Theatre & Conservatory serves as a center of culture, education, and community, and it symbolizes the rebirth of a city — Worcester, Massachusetts.

The Main Stage transports audiences back to the time when a night out at the theatre was one of the most delightful entertainment options available. In 2023, the Main Stage welcomed almost 150,000 patrons to more than 100 shows. Selected by POLLSTAR as one of the Top Theatres in the World, it seats 2,300 audience members before its historic stage and brings internationally recognized performers, popular Broadway shows, and thought-provoking stage pieces to Central Massachusetts. The restoration and ability to present the world to Worcester continues to serve as a catalyst of the revitalization of Worcester’s cultural district and to Central Massachusetts. The Hanover Theatre & Conservatory’s journey is found in the documentary, On a Wing and a Prayer: Achieving the Impossible Dream.

The Hanover Theatre Conservatory (Conservatory) opened in 2017 to cultivate individual attention, ignite creativity, and inspire confidence through arts education. The arts play a vital role in helping individuals of all ages develop self-esteem, compassion, and problem-solving skills. The Conservatory reaches more than 20,000 young people each year through educational and access programs, and more than 600 students of all ages have participated in more than 90 classes. Students who study or participate in the arts have proven academic success. They find their voices and discover new avenues for creative expression. The Conservatory’s goal is to maximize a student’s social and emotional development while introducing them to theatre, dance, music, and design, as well as access to state-of-the-art equipment and hands-on training with industry professionals, which allows students to gain real-world experience in the performing arts field. The Conservatory’s engagement programs include comprehensive initiatives aimed at making the performing arts accessible to a broad audience. The programs remove barriers to entry and provide an opportunity for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to engage with the arts.

The Hanover Theatre Repertory (THT Rep) was founded in 2020 to entertain, engage, and energize audiences with dynamic theatrical events made in and for Worcester with a focus on classics, modern classics, and classics-inspired works. As a professional theatre company that produces theatrical performances that resonate with contemporary audiences while honoring classic works, THT Rep furthers the mission of the Hanover Theatre & Conservatory at large by also managing the 300-seat BrickBox Theater at the Jean McDonough Arts Center (JMAC), which is home to THT Rep and other dynamic community groups, performances, educational activities, and training programs. THT Rep engages with the community over time, providing a platform for local talent and creating a shared cultural experience. Shows during the season reflect the community as well as contribute to it, enriching Worcester’s cultural landscape. The reduced cost of production for local shows lowers ticket prices, making the shows more accessible for everyone. THT Rep’s Worc at Play program is a community-driven initiative that provides an inclusive platform for Worcester residents to train and participate in the theatrical arts regardless of experience level. Worc at Play focuses on offering classes, workshops, and collaborative projects that cater to adults with various skill levels. Students are provided the chance to perform in select productions during the season.

The recently completed Francis R. Carroll Plaza (Plaza) provides an outdoor venue for various performances, public art pieces, and community events. In addition to touring artists, The Youth Acting Company (YAC) performs on the plaza for the community each year.  Public events like the free, family-friendly, summer lunchtime concert series, and  Tai Chi on the Plaza contribute to the vibrancy of Worcester’s cultural scene.  The Hanover Theatre & Conservatory plans to continue investing in future free programs on the Plaza.

Hanover Theatre & Conservatory has a 30-member board of directors led by Board Chair Kellie Thibodeau, a local business leader who has been actively involved in the community and the arts for many years, and Troy Siebels currently serves as President & CEO. Siebels is following his passion and will transition to the Main Stage Artistic Director & Vice President of Programming role once a new President & CEO is selected. The President & CEO oversees the senior leadership team and more than 40 full-time staff in addition to numerous part-time staff, independent contractors, and a tremendous volunteer corps numbering over 200. The impact of the volunteers is significant in providing a welcoming experience and substantial financial savings to the organization.

For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2025, Hanover Theatre & Conservatory anticipates total revenues of approximately $11.2 million with $9.6 million from program services, $1.2 million from contributions and grants, and $0.4 million from investment and other income. The organization has donor restricted net assets of approximately $2.5 million with $1 million designated specifically for the Conservatory. The 1926 Legacy Society, named to commemorate the opening of the historic Poli Palace Theatre, is a group of devoted supporters who have included the Hanover Theatre & Conservatory in their estate plans to ensure that it will continue to fulfill its cultural mission for generations to come.


Worcester, Massachusetts, is a welcoming city that beautifully combines charming mill-style architecture with modern amenities. Known for its rich history and cultural diversity, the second largest city in New England is home to several renowned educational institutions, a burgeoning arts scene, and a robust and highly regarded healthcare industry. The city is rich in cultural venues and events, dining experiences, and recreational opportunities, including skiing at nearby Wachusett Mountain, making it an ideal place for families, professionals, and students. This beautiful urban community is surrounded by many modern buildings and historic single-family homes. Full of many great restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bookstores, and retail establishments, there is always something interesting to do when living, working, or playing in Worcester.

The City of Worcester is a five-time recipient of the All America City Award, and has a population of more than 200,000, and a metropolitan area of greater than 850,000. Also ranked as one of the most ethnically diverse and international cities in the country, Worcester welcomes residents from all over the world with open arms. Worcester is a diverse mix of people and cultures with a population that is 49% White, 25% Latino, 12% Black, 7% Asian, 6% two or more races, and 1% other races. Given its location near the geographic center of Massachusetts, Worcester is known as the "Heart of the Commonwealth," and a heart is the official symbol of the City. An innovative city with a rich history, Worcester has emerged as a leader in education, health care, biotechnology and life sciences, and financial services, with more than 7,000 businesses located in the city.

Worcester is a contemporary and dynamic city that invests in its future. In a public-private partnership, Polar Park, the home of the Worcester Red Sox, a Minor League Baseball team competing at the Triple-A level and an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, opened for the 2021 season. It has a seating capacity of 9,508 people and is part of a $240 million redevelopment of Worcester's Kelley Square and Canal District. Development of the ballpark area includes apartments, hotels, shops restaurants, and offices. The WooSox are the only team among the 120 in Minor League Baseball to have sold more than 500,000 tickets each of the past two seasons. The substantial attendance adds to the vibrancy of Downtown Worcester.

One of the most livable cities in New England, Worcester is best known for its many top-rated educational institutions, with more than 35,000 students. These educational institutions include the College of the Holy Cross, Assumption University, Clark University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, UMass Chan Medical School, Worcester State University, and Quinsigamond Community College. Nearby towns are homes to Tufts University Veterinary College, Anna Maria College, and Nichols College. Its strategic location offers easy access to Providence and Boston (each 40 miles away) as well as New York. As a major hub of activity in Central Massachusetts, Worcester provides the perfect blend of urban excitement and suburban comfort, standing as a shining example of a city on the rise.

The community is a hub of arts and culture. The Hanover Theatre & Conservatory is the jewel on a Main Street that also includes renowned Mechanics Hall and the lively Palladium concert venue. Murals adorn the city, symphonic music is present and popular, and the Worcester Art Museum is among the finest in the nation. Amid this backdrop of arts, culture, and sports, the Hanover Theatre & Conservatory is a leader in the civic renaissance. People look up to the Hanover Theatre & Conservatory, and the Theatre has an active voice in the on-going collaboration with business and political leaders in the continued resurgence of the city. The Hanover Theatre & Conservatory matters to the people of Worcester.

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Position Summary

The President & CEO is the strategic and visionary leader who establishes a comprehensive and robust business model that integrates the various programmatic and educational elements of the organization into a synergistic whole. Reporting to the Board of Directors and guiding an experienced senior leadership team, the President & CEO oversees programming, financial resources, venue capitalization, and overall operations that ensure resiliency and sustainable growth. They leverage personal and professional relationships and networks across private, public, and corporate sectors to lay the groundwork for generating support that maximizes the organization’s visibility, positive reputation, and community impact. The President & CEO is the steward of the organization’s brand and serves as its chief spokesperson locally, regionally, and nationally, and they are responsible for building trust within the organization and demonstrating its commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility to the dynamic communities served by the organization.

Roles and Responsibilities

Strategic Vision, Planning, and Direction

  • Lead a robust strategic planning and community engagement process that elevates and integrates the key programmatic, diversity, and educational components of the organization.
  • Build deep relationships and set both short- and long-range goals and a dynamic vision for the organization that is grounded in equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, community connections, and mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Revitalize a cohesive and sustainable business model with innovative ideas that move from engaged thought to realistic solutions and actionable implementation.
  • Oversee and partner with the Main Stage Artistic Director & Vice President of Programming, Conservatory President, and THT Rep Producing Artistic Director to ensure synergy between these areas with appropriate staffing, production, facilities, financial resources, and focus on diversity initiatives.
  • Collaborate with the board, staff, and community partners in strategic initiatives that enhance organization’s image and profile while increasing participation and revenues.
  • Engage with the board and senior leadership in connecting mission, vision, and values into a cohesive strategic direction that leverages organizational and individual strengths, identifies opportunities, and responds to programmatic, educational, social, economic, and demographic trends.
  • Embrace other strategic vision, planning, and direction responsibilities, as needed.

Donor and Community Engagement

  • Expand the number of donors and amounts of donations with the Vice President of Advancement, identify prospects, assess their interest, accelerate engagement, and increase financial and community support through personal connections and in collaboration with others on the Board and senior leadership team.
  • Develop authentic relationships with audiences, donors, partners, parents, government leaders, civic partners, and many others as an embedded member of the Worcester community.
  • Identify, cultivate, and recruit Board prospects in close collaboration with the Governance Committee and Vice President of Advancement to ensure the continued engagement of diverse, qualified, and engaged directors with a leadership succession plan for officers and committee chairs.
  • Serve as the public voice of the organization locally and nationally with the informed support of others on the senior leadership team and Board.
  • Collaborate with the Main Stage Artistic Director & Vice President of Programming to ensure positive ongoing relationships with local and national arts organizations, producers, and presenters.
  • Encourage and support broad educational activities, school partnerships, and programs that support the mission, vision, and values of the Hanover Theatre & Conservatory.
  • Embrace other donor and community engagement responsibilities, as needed.

 Financial Vibrancy and Resiliency

  • Focus on the various elements of the existing business model and adapt, as needed, to ensure positive and sustainable organizational and community impacts.
  • Develop an overall capital, operating, and endowment financial resourcing plan with the Vice President of Finance & Human Resources, Vice President of Production, and other senior leaders in order to prepare for a comprehensive campaign to achieve the aspirations of this dynamic organization.
  • Assess the feasibility of the campaign plan, and implement accordingly, in collaboration with the Vice President of Advancement and Board Development and/or Campaign Committee to ensure alignment between aspirations, facility and program needs, donor readiness, and economic conditions.
  • Engage with the senior leadership team to reassess earned income opportunities from ticket sales, registrations, and ancillary revenue streams.
  • Develop, monitor, and report to Board and senior leadership team members with the Vice President of Finance & Human Resources on both operating and capital budgets that ensure short-term results and long-term viability.
  • Embrace other financial vibrancy and resiliency responsibilities, as needed.

Team Inclusion and Energizing Culture

  • Review the existing organizational structure, size, and scale to ensure that is in alignment with the comprehensive business model and strategic plan.
  • Encourage a culture of transparency, collaboration, and teamwork throughout the organization by providing necessary information in a way that ensures effective decision making, responsibility, and accountability.
  • Guide and connect regularly with senior leadership team members to ensure synergistic departments that align with program and business goals.
  • Instill a culture where the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility are prevalent throughout the organization as essential to audience engagement, board participation, workforce development, and organizational vibrancy.
  • Facilitate a productive team environment where team members are valued and respected for their unique skills, abilities, personal perspectives, and cultural competencies.
  • Embrace team inclusion and energizing culture responsibilities, as needed.

Traits and Characteristics

The President & CEO will be a collaborative and resourceful leader who is approachable and empathetic as a servant leader with the ability to unify and build consensus. They will have a drive that focuses on problem solving in a people-oriented environment where versatility in thought and action are a catalyst to achieving extraordinary results. The President & CEO will embrace an environment that is open to a diversity of people, perspectives, and ideas while skillfully assessing the practicality of investing time, energy, and resources in the pursuit of new or revitalized strategies, business models, and operating initiatives. They will be an excellent communicator who easily engages with people of diverse backgrounds and values. The President and CEO will be adept at synthesizing objective and subjective data to gain insights that invigorate programs and refine processes. They will be motivated by the understanding that the performing arts and educational programs are intrinsically experiential, inherently societal, and externally impactful.

Other key competencies include:

  • Leadership and Decision Making — The ability to inspire, build trust, and lead with confidence and integrity while engaging effectively with others to assess challenges, determine a course of action, set mutually agreed upon goals, and oversee timely implementation.
  • Interpersonal Skills and Diplomacy — The flexibility to anticipate, meet, and exceed stakeholder needs while listening carefully and respectfully, building rapport, communicating transparently, and relating well to an array of diverse constituencies internally and externally while facilitating mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Donor and Customer Focus — The capability to organize, inspire, and influence donors, audiences, and community members while anticipating, meeting, and exceeding their needs and expectations.
  • Personal and Professional Accountability — The integrity to be answerable for personal and professional actions while readily modifying and adapting to change with minimal resistance or disruption.
  • Time, Priority, and Conflict Management — The capacity to manage, prioritize, and deliver upon complex goals, align competing yet complementary priorities, mobilize team and financial resources, and achieve desired outcomes within allotted time frames.


A bachelor’s degree or equivalent and at least 10 years of progressive senior leadership experience and demonstrable results in the arts, presenting, producing, touring, nonprofit management, education, business, the creative industries, or a related field is required. Proven success in expanding earned and contributed revenues, strengthening strategic partnerships, and increasing community engagement is required. Strong business and financial acumen and experience with a deep appreciation and understanding of the performing arts are expected. Demonstrated experience in and a commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility is essential. Experience leading a senior leadership team with a transparent and engaging communication style is critical. A passion for the performing arts, commitment to arts education, and active participation in arts advocacy is preferred. Those who do not meet all the qualifications but possess transferable or equivalent skills, experience, or education, are encouraged to apply and highlight those areas.

Compensation and Benefits

Hanover Theatre & Conservatory provides a competitive and equitable compensation package with an estimated salary in the range of $225,000 to $275,000. Benefits include vacation, sick time, and holidays; subsidized (75%) medical, dental, and vision coverage, along with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs); life, short-term, and long-term disability insurances; a voluntary 401(k) plan with up to 5% match; and complementary parking and tickets. The organization provides tax-free reimbursement for certain qualified medical expenses through a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). Employees and dependents enrolled in the Health New England HMO Thrive and PPO Thrive group health plans are eligible to enroll in the HRA and this benefit’s premium is fully paid by the organization. The Massachusetts Paid Family Medical Leave benefits are also available.

Applications and Inquiries

To submit a cover letter and resume with a summary of demonstrable accomplishments (electronic submissions preferred), please click here or visit artsconsulting.com/opensearches. For questions or general inquiries about this job opportunity, please contact

Bruce D. Thibodeau, President

Renée Danger-James, Vice President

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292 Newbury Street, Suite 315
Boston, MA 02115-2801
Tel: (888) 234.4236 Ext. 201 (Thibodeau) or Ext. 212 (Danger-James)
Email: HanoverTheatre@ArtsConsulting.com

Hanover Theatre & Conservatory is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, and it acknowledges the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the Nipmuc Nation on which we are working and currently performing in what is known today as Worcester, Massachusetts. We recognize and respect Indigenous Peoples as traditional stewards of this land and the enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories. This sort of acknowledgement is essential to human rights work across the world. It is essential to our work of honoring stories that explore the human experience.

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