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An outstanding leader has the ability to both build the organization internally and execute a future vision. Finding top executive, artistic, and senior management professionals to strengthen your organization is serious business. At ACG, we take a personalized and thorough approach to executive search.

We engage your team to better understand the skills, experience, and educational requirements the right candidate needs to excel in the role. ACG’s unique executive search process ensures that the candidates fit your organization’s culture, team, and community. Competencies, communication style, motivations, and values – these soft skills are the key to lasting success.

From the creation of a job description that serves as a significant marketing tool to a network approach to international recruitment, we are fully invested in the process. Our team will serve you and the candidates throughout the search to ensure a smooth and successful process from start to finish. We listen to the needs of your organization and the candidates to create results that are mutually beneficial and long-lasting.

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Executive Search Experts

What to expect from ACG

  • Experience and Connections. As North America’s largest arts and culture consulting firm, our influence is wide-reaching. We will use our knowledge and cross-continental relationships to find the best candidates for your organization.
  • A Proactive Approach. Finding the right candidate is time-consuming. We utilize our network and skills to recruit throughout the process  so your organization can focus on its mission.
  • Clarity and Focus. We will take the lead, allowing your organization to handle the day-to-day revenue-generating activities essential to continued success.

  • Visibility and Credibility. Our involvement will ensure that prospective candidates understand the importance of the position and your organization.
  • Thorough and Objective. ACG’s unique methodology minimizes bias, designed to attract the type of attitude, behavior, skills, beliefs, background, and knowledge that your high-performance position demands.
  • Depth and Breadth. Our approach dives beneath the surface, identifying key competencies, clarifying specific position issues, and providing a structured and unbiased set of interview questions.

  • A Guarantee. We expect the new leader to have a long tenure with your organization. However, if the individual leaves within the first year, we will continue our search at no additional fee.
  • Flat-fee Service. The growing trend of percentage-of-salary fees have led other firms to negotiate in favor of higher candidate salaries in order to receive a higher fee. We set our fees up front, respecting your budget and long-term financial outlook.
  • Personalized Advice. We embrace the opportunity to provide advice that is tailored to the specific needs of your unique organization.

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