Organizational Development

People + Process = Performance.

ACG brings a hands-on, strengths-based, strategic approach to organizational development, along with a profound understanding of the needs of arts and culture organizations, the communities and audiences they serve, and the economic realities they face. Come to us with a challenge or an opportunity. ACG will collaborate with you to make the right choices and find solutions that work for your organization.

Strategic planning. Operational and structural assessments. Cultural planning. Community engagement. Board development. Strategic partnership exploration. Staff team-building summits. Leadership succession planning. This is what we offer to strengthen, inspire, and empower your people and your organization.

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Organizational Development Services

Strategic Planning
Board Development Assessments
Board Planning Summits
Business Planning
Community Engagement
Cultural Master Planning
Executive Coaching
Leadership Succession Planning
Operational and Structural Assessments
Strategic Partnership Exploration
Strategic Visioning
Staff Team Building Summits

What to expect from ACG

  • Rigorous Methodology. ACG will establish a process that is structured and robust yet individualized and adaptable to the needs to your internal and external stakeholders.
  • Strategic Data Collection. We will collect research, data, and findings to support the future of your organization.
  • Objective Findings. We will report what we learn with integrity.

  • Insightful Analysis. We will analyze a wide range of data and ideas from stakeholders and prioritize the most important concepts.
  • Practical Recommendations: We will help you determine actionable steps, with a recognition of the human, technological, and financial resources needed to ensure a successful outcome.

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