The Team

Arts and Culture made us who we are.

We didn’t start out as management masters. We began as opera singers. Museum directors. Play producers. Anthropologists.

Through these experiences, we learned firsthand that arts and culture have the power to transform communities, because that same power shaped our lives. That means your success is personal to us. So much so, that you won’t find a more passionate consulting partner.

Every day, each member of Arts Consulting Group uses this passion to grow arts and cultural institutions from New York to Los Angeles, and Tampa to Toronto. Known for senior-level consulting expertise, international perspective, community insights and real-life results, they form the international network of arts and culture wisdom that sets ACG apart.

ACG team members are located in communities throughout North America to best serve the needs of our clients.

ACG consultants have been on your side of the stage (or the science museum). We know the value of hands-on support, and we stand ready to provide it. Sleeves rolled up.

Contact any one of us today.

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