Martin Bragg Senior Vice President Calgary, Canada

Martin Bragg

Senior Vice President

Calgary & Toronto

1811 4th Street SW, Suite 523
Calgary, Alberta T2S 1W2

2 Toronto Street, Suite 217
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2B5
Tel (888) 234.4236 Ext. 205
Fax (888) 284.6651

Cultural master planning
Executive search
Facilities and program planning
Interim management
Revenue enhancement
Strategic planning

Arts and culture industry veteran Martin Bragg joined ACG Canada in 2015 as senior vice president. He will lead the ACG’s Canada subsidiary in partnership with ACG President Bruce Thibodeau and the ACG senior team of specialists.

With a career spanning more than 30 years, Mr. Bragg’s wide-ranging experience in presenting, producing, and managing large arts and culture organizations includes executive director positions at the Alberta Ballet and the School of Alberta Ballet and the Vancouver Playhouse; executive and artistic director positions at the Canadian Stage Company; and vice president, vice commissioner, and producer for the Canadian Pavilion and the Expo ’92 nightly closing production.

Mr. Bragg brings extensive leadership experience in dance and theater with a focus on organizational development, strategic planning, and sustained growth in earned and contributed revenue. Most recently the executive director of Alberta Ballet, he was responsible for all management, finance, producing, and income generation activities of the company and school. During his five-year tenure with the ballet, Mr. Bragg increased earned and contributed revenue by 55 percent, expanded the length of the season, and tripled the size of the school in both Calgary and Edmonton.

“Those who govern and manage arts and culture organizations, government agencies, and universityaffiliated programmes face daily challenges. Leaders now must become experts in facilitating new and varied sources of revenue in order to enhance the field and to build ever stronger foundations that lead to success.”

“The creative industries in Canada, the U.S., and around the world are rapidly evolving in the face of socioeconomic changes. These transitions simultaneously bring about unique opportunities to advance our creative endeavours and bring about centres of community engagement.”

Previously, he was the artistic producer and managing director of the Canadian Stage Company in Toronto, which grew to include four theatres and became the largest contemporary nonprofit theater in Canada. At Canadian Stage he worked both in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors and was responsible for creating innovative partnerships with companies across Canada, as well as in the United States, England, and Ireland.

Mr. Bragg led the Vancouver Playhouse in the 1980s, building that organization into the fifth largest in Canada. He has a long history of volunteerism and community service, including serving as president of PACT Communications Center, vice chair of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, national chair of the Equity negotiating committee for two successful collective agreements, and as a founding member of the Minister’s Advisory Counsel for Arts and Culture for the Province of Ontario.

Mr. Bragg’s professional and client work includes:

1992 World’s Fair & The Canadian Pavilion 92
The Canadian Stage Company
Alberta Ballet
The School of Alberta Ballet
The Vancouver Playhouse
The National Arts Centre
The Vancouver East Cultural Centre
The Stratford Festival
Theatre New Brunswick

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