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The Emelin Theatre (Emelin) was founded in 1972 and brings world class performing arts to Westchester County, New York.  Emelin presented more than 125 events each year up until the pandemic. The Emelin now seeks a leader who shares the vision and mission of the Board to emerge successfully post-Covid by using its substantial resources to bring even better performances to our  audience of diverse tastes. The Emelin’s resources to support this effort include:

  • A substantial cash reserve, some of which will be invested to underwrite programming.
  • The 267-seat theatre, which was fully renovated in Summer 2021 with new seats, carpeting, curtains, new artists dressing and bathrooms and hospitality area, and state of the art sound and lighting equipment, all fully funded by a dedicated capital drive.
  • The board is dedicated to providing world class programming on an affordable and accessible basis.
  • Using its 50th Anniversary year in 2022 to set a new standard of excellence in programming more star-oriented performances.

Emelin programming includes all genres of music, comedy, dance, and vibrant family programming, plus a broad range of independent and international film. With a mission to promote a cultural life that entertains and educates audiences, the Emelin is well-known for high-quality and affordable programs. It is one of the few performing arts venues in the region offering a diverse mix of entertainment that appeals to a wide range of ages and tastes.

Since 1997, the School Outreach Program has brought thousands of children to the theater from a variety of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Productions are predominantly based on children’s literature and represent a variety of educational, social, and historical themes. All productions are tied to curriculum and are accompanied by study guides which teachers can incorporate into classroom discussion. Coupled with other childrens’ performances, family and children’s programming amounts to approximately one-third of Emelin’s offerings.

Emelin has a 13-member Board of Directors. For the fiscal year ending May 31, 2020, Emelin reported a total revenue of $1.8 million with $685,508 from contributions and grants, and it had $801,148 from program services. Total expenses were $1.6 million.


The Emelin serves the region known as the Sound Shore area of Westchester and is located in Mamaroneck, one of the oldest communities in Westchester County, New York. This coastal suburb is increasingly diverse and includes a growing international population. Known as the Friendly Village, Mamaroneck has a reputation for welcoming people of different cultures and backgrounds. The 3.2-square-mile village is bisected by the Mamaroneck River and its southern border is six miles of Long Island Sound coastline.

Mamaroneck is only a 34-minute train ride to New York City on the Metro-North Railroad’s New Haven Line. Mamaroneck abuts and is in the same school district as Larchmont. Similarly, Mamaroneck shares borders with Scarsdale, Rye, White Plains, New Rochelle, and Harrison. Plus, Greenwich, Connecticut, is only a 15-minute drive from the Emelin.

Mamaroneck is not only home to a community of diverse businesses (including a few high-end shipyards), it is also a village of artists. Mamaroneck has more artists, designers, and people working in media than 90 percent of American communities. Within steps of the Emelin, the pedestrian friendly Mamaroneck Avenue business district features unique shopping and dining and is one of the most vibrant downtowns in Southern Westchester. Mamaroneck and the surrounding areas feature a full range of housing options with many distinct neighborhoods.

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Position Summary

Reporting to the board of directors, the Executive Director will be responsible for the overall administration and management of the Emelin, including artistic direction, programming, business operations, fundraising, and audience engagement. The Executive Director will build on the foundation established during the Emelin’s past 50 years. This leader will seek ways to enhance the entertainment offerings and engagement with its existing audience. More importantly, the Executive Director will create innovative and strategic programming that will appeal to a broader customer base, reflecting the changing demographics in Southern Westchester. A people-oriented executive, this individual will serve the region by presenting the highest caliber performing arts, film, and educational programs. The Executive Director will be an engaged member of the community, creating and growing partnerships with philanthropic supporters, stakeholders, and audience members. They will work with the board to cultivate financial resources and will build an organizational culture of teamwork, accountability, and trust characterized by proactive decision making, open communication, programmatic innovation, and excellence.

Roles and Responsibilities

Strategy and Leadership

  • Embody and provide positive and collaborative leadership to the staff and board.
  • Provide strategic vision and develop goals and objectives consistent with the mission of the organization.
  • Serve as chief spokesperson and ambassador for the organization with a visible presence at local, regional, national events.
  • Develop an organizational culture that supports a cohesive, creative, and productive staff that embodies the highest ethical standards.
  • Utilize a transparent leadership approach in collaboration with the board of directors, committees, community partners, donors, staff, and other stakeholders.
  • Possess an ability to inspire and engage stakeholders, the community, and the region to support the Emelin.

Artistic Vision and Programming

  • Activate strategic partnerships with artists and agents to present and promote an eclectic mix of individual and thematic programs that align with the Emelin’s mission and are attractive to the community.
  • Implement a strategy to broaden the programmatic model to grow the organization, increase engagement with community members and stakeholders, and capture the attention and participation of new residents given the changing demographic profile in the region.
  • Develop an array of wider programmatic options while establishing a brand known for quality.
  • Identify opportunities and plan and implement the Emelin’s artistic and educational programming to achieve a balanced schedule of locally, nationally, and internationally sourced collaborations and events suited to serving the community.

Marketing and Audience Development

  • Develop, in collaboration with the Marketing Director, a comprehensive, integrated, and strategic marketing plan that aligns with the artistic vision and communicates the organization’s brand and programs to a wider range of audience members, donors, students, partners, and other stakeholders.
  • Expand the use of digital content and contemporary outreach strategies to increase customer and stakeholder engagement and market reach.
  • Develop strategies to connect with the influx of new residents moving into the region.
  • Assess and adapt audience engagement plans based on the markets served, addressing the distinctive community features of the region.

Staff Development, Management, and Empowerment

  • Cultivate an organizational climate and culture that attracts, retains, and motivates a diverse top-quality staff.
  • Lead and inspire the Emelin staff, promoting staff growth, development, and education.
  • Empower all staff members to work at their highest potential to realize success with organizational priorities.
  • Conduct annual performance evaluations for all staff.
  • Empower those at all levels of the organization to have a voice in its future and provide mentorship with the goal of building and securing a sustainable team.
  • Establish accountability measures while actively ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Support team ingenuity and professional development with appropriate human resources, structures, systems, and technological platforms in alignment with current and future trends in the field.


  • Direct fundraising strategies and provide organizational leadership in all aspects of development.
  • Inspire and engage stakeholders and the community to support positive fundraising efforts for the Emelin.
  • Collaborate with the board and staff to develop short- and long-term goals and strategies around all areas of contributed revenue.
  • Secure corporate and individual sponsorships and develop partnership agreements with community organizations and key media.
  • Drive all fundraising activities and work with the staff to create and develop a robust fundraising calendar, research and submit all grant proposals and appeals, manage donor recognition activities, and conduct development-related reporting.

Audience Engagement and Inclusion

  • Expand and fortify the existing mutually supportive relationships with neighbors and leaders at schools and community organizations to advance educational and connectivity initiatives.
  • Lead the ongoing development and implementation of diversity, inclusion, and equity activities and initiatives.
  • Maintain and increase strong ties with community decision makers, government leaders, and the arts community in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

Financial Management

  • Lead financial planning and the well-being of the organization, ensuring transparency, integrity, and accuracy in all financial reporting.
  • Oversee budgeting, accounting, and payroll, as well as manage the organization’s audits, investments, and cash flow, to ensure sufficient funds to meet operating needs.
  • Provide financial reports and analysis at all board meetings.
  • Review all business contracts and agreements, ensuring accurate preparation and execution.

Traits and Characteristics

The Emelin Executive Director will be a creative and collaborative leader who values frequent interaction with internal and external stakeholders and is driven by new ideas and practical results. Versatile and entrepreneurial, the Executive Director will have the ability to rapidly adapt to changing priorities while maintaining a positive and friendly demeanor. The successful candidate will combine long-term artistic vision with achievable goals and an executable strategy. A people-oriented leader, the Executive Director will have the ability to inspire excellence in colleagues, provide mentorship and support to the team, and mobilize others to fulfill objectives. Resourceful, receptive, and customer-oriented, the selected individual will bring energy, optimism, and a passion for arts and culture.

Other key competencies include:

  • Customer Focus – The capacity to anticipate, meet, and frequently exceed customer and stakeholder needs, wants, and expectations by communicating effectively and relating well to people from all backgrounds.
  • Leadership – The willingness to organize and motivate other people to accomplish goals, create a sense of order and direction, and gain active participation among a variety of stakeholders.
  • Diplomacy and Teamwork – The ability to be socially savvy, respectful of differing viewpoints, fair regardless of personal biases, and productive in reaching mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Planning and Organizing – The dexterity to navigate traditional systems while forming realistic action plans that prioritize work, assess variables and risks, allow for recalibration, lead to increased efficiency, and minimize wasted resources.


Qualified applicants will have at least five years of senior-level executive leadership experience. The Emelin does not require specific educational requirements for this role but credentials in arts programming, nonprofit management, or a related field are useful. The ideal candidate will be well connected to diverse artists, agents, and leaders in the performing arts industry. Qualified candidates will possess a leadership background that includes managing and mentoring staff, marketing, building strategic partnerships, and overseeing finances and budgets. Proven results in earned and contributed revenue are highly desirable, along with expertise in audience development. Previous experience working alongside a board is advantageous. The successful candidate must have a deep passion for the arts. Exceptional writing abilities and verbal presentation skills are expected.

Compensation and Benefits

The Emelin offers competitive compensation, with a salary range expected between $125,000 and $135,000, and benefits that include health insurance with employer contribution, 401(k) retirement plan with employer match, paid time off, and holidays.

Applications and Inquiries

To submit a cover letter and resume with a summary of demonstrable accomplishments, please click here or visit artsconsulting.com/employment. For questions or general inquiries about this job opportunity, please contact:

Jenna Deja, Vice President

201 West Lake Street, Suite 133
Chicago, IL 60606-1803
Tel:      (888) 234.4236 Ext. 227
Email    Emelin@ArtsConsulting.com

Emelin Theatre is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse staff, equitable hiring practices, and an inclusive workplace. The Emelin Theatre is a safe environment for all its employees, free from discrimination and harassment of any kind.

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